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Creative Process

Janson Pottery is dedicated to creating handmade quality pottery. I strive to make objects that fulfill a need, such as vases to adorn your table, mugs, bowls, plates, and planters for everyday use, tiles to decorate your bathroom or kitchen, backsplash "and" coasters to compliment your living room décor.

Each piece is made individually using traditional techniques by way of a potter’s wheel and also by using hand rolled slabs (flat pieces of clay) to create each form. This ensures a human touch to each piece. I perform each step of the process myself and can ensure that all of the items I make are created with an emphasis on detail and quality.

My functional work is influenced by Japanese ceramics, both in my choice of glazes and in the work itself. I am attracted to the simplicity of these vessels. The colour and the forms themselves remind me that life can be simple and that what really matters is what you hold next to your heart.

All of my current work is made of porcelain, and occasionally stoneware is used. I prefer using porcelain because it has a smoother texture. Although I really like using stoneware, I prefer using porcelain because the glaze colours are softer and calming.

All of my work is made with lead free glazes and is fired in an electric kiln (oxidation) to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit or 1204 degrees Celcius and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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