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Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember I have loved clay. I am both captivated and enraptured by it. It leaves me feeling in awe of life. I have always felt connected to this wondrous soft and sensuous material and it inspires me to acknowledge the depth of the human spirit and soul. When I made the decision to enter into this field, there was an instant acknowledgement within that this was what I had longed for my whole life through.

My primary focus revolves around functional forms, pieces that are lovely to look at, to hold, and to use. I believe that through handling and using pottery, that its true beauty is revealed; it’s amazing how a piece of mother earth can be transformed into something that has a spiritual connection, a functional purpose, and an everlasting impression. Hence, the pieces I specifically design for people are always created with their daily rituals in mind.

Because I primarily work in oxidation (electric kiln), it seems necessary to give more attention and thought to surface design and decoration. I love to explore glazes and reactions to one another. I recently took a week long course on slip decoration, which not only enhanced my skills as a potter, but gave me the opportunity to connect with other potters; such connections are inspiring because it gives more clarity to where I am at creatively and also direction to where I hope to be in the future.

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