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Quality Made Canadian Stoneware

About Janson

Creative Process

Janson Pottery is dedicated to creating handmade quality pottery. I strive to make objects that fulfill a need, such as vases to adorn your table, mugs, bowls, plates, and planters for everyday use, tiles to decorate your bathroom or kitchen backsplash and coasters to compliment your living room d├ęcor.

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Pottery Blog

Exploring forms on the wheel

I decided to begin my new year by playing around with making new wheel thrown forms. There are so many things to consider when a potter approaches this process.

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Featured Pottery

image Ceramic Bowls, White Bowls, Porcelain Bowls, Small Pottery Bowls, Hand Thrown Bowl, Modern Ceramics,

These are an awesome set of 3 prep bowls. I love this size because the uses for them are endless—the are great for kitchen prep, serving snacks at parties, or eating ice cream, or having them in your bathroom for jewelry, etc.

I threw these bowls on the wheel with porcelain. Each one with an intentional deep ring so it flows around the bowl in a gentle wave, giving it an organic quality. All three are one of a kind.

They measure:
3.75” d x 2” ht.(9.37cm x 5cm)
3.75"d x 1.88"ht. (9.37cm x 4.7cm)" target="_blank">> read more