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Quality Made Canadian Stoneware

About Janson

Creative Process

Janson Pottery is dedicated to creating handmade quality pottery. I strive to make objects that fulfill a need, such as vases to adorn your table, mugs, bowls, plates, and planters for everyday use, tiles to decorate your bathroom or kitchen backsplash and coasters to compliment your living room d├ęcor.

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Pottery Blog

Workshop with Carol Epp

It has been a crazy busy year but not in the way that I would necessarily like it to be. I had knee surgery in the spring and was off for a lot longer than I had anticipated. I had heard that the recovery could be up to year and I had also heard that some people just bounce back right away. I happen to be one of the ones that hasn’t bounced back as I would have liked. Once school returned this autumn, I was able to get back into the swing of working again and overall things are going pretty well.
I had the opportunity to go to a Fusion workshop with Carol Epp this past February in Toronto. For those of you who don’t know Fusion, it is the Ontario Clay and Glass Organization. Carol’s workshop was great and she was very generous with information about her process. I brought a couple pieces with me to work on. I recently finished this piece from the workshop.

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Featured Pottery

image Large Porcelain Mug with Heart Decal

This mug is perfect for a coffee lover. It is made of porcelain on a potter’s wheel, glazed in a light yellow glaze on the inside and a yellow pink glaze on the outside with the addition of a floral heart decal adhered to the surface. It was then fired to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.
All pieces are food safe, and fine in the microwave and dishwasher.
It measures 4.5"d x 3.25"h (11.25cm x 8cm). It holds approximately 14oz.

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